The history of U. S. Foundry & Manufacturing Corporation
recounts the life’s work of its founder and attests to his core
value – “We will strive to build and maintain a strong company
by supplying our customers with quality products and
excellent service…” Providing quality products and excellent
service to customers has kept this family-owned business
growing since 1916.
Over the years, U.S. Foundry has evolved from the
small 7th Street Bicycle Repair and Welding Company, first
opened in 1916, into one of America’s premier producer
of municipal castings. Ownership commitment, along with
exceptional employee involvement, has developed into an
industry-leading company including three molding lines
and six distribution centers. U.S. Foundry takes pride in its
commitment to its mission of delivering quality work and
recognizes that continued success must be earned through
the consistent improvement of its unparalleled products and
exceptional service.
U . S . F O U N D R Y & M A N U F A C T U R I N G C O R P O R AT I O N